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Hello Ron S, Toby C, Whirlibird and Freedom, thank you for the nice welcome. I have started a thread on the news section of the Forum called “News from Greece” where I’m regularly updating with posts on a daily basis, as much as possible.

I was asked before about how I’m prepping in Greece. Although I consider myself in a reasonably good state of health I believe that I have much to learn and much room to improve, fitness-wise and knowledge-wise. Also, finances are limited during the last couple of years so my ability to get the right sort of equipment had to be tempered with resources. I have no special retreat with security, generators and all the perks and I’m not like Rambo. As a result, I would say that I’m minimally prepared for an end-of-the-world type scenario, however I’m more geared to survival in a SHTF scenario. That is my objective and focus at the moment.

My plan is to be able to be highly mobile so that I can relocate, having made unseen preparations inside the house I reside at the moment, with different sets of gear in different rucksacks depending on the scenario. My finances do not allow me to leave the city indefinitely right now. So I have focused on back-up plans with some other like-minded people for mutual assistance. With regards to food resources and expendables, we can survive maybe two months without resupply, maybe three if stretched to the limit. Water will be the biggest issue but there are tablets for that, if the power is cut off and if we have no water supply. However we don’t have for more than two months, so that’s a point to improve upon. There are survival plans in place for defensive positions in apartments if the worst comes to the worst. As for the bug-out contents they are more or less like the ones described elsewhere. Apart from food, isotonic drinks and medication/antibiotics/ first aid kit, there are special clothing that seem normal but offer some protection, kevlar gloves, reinforced knees and elbows, an assortment of tools, tomahawk, special forces shovel and quality knives to assist in the survival (whether outdoors or indoors..), rainproof coat, mosquito net, eye protection, particle masks etc. All these fit in two regular backpacks and one large 85 liter backpack that do not stand out. Improving defence training and fitness to improve stamina and some strength as well as right mindset and preparedness are areas that I’m working on. I found Selco’s Blog to be invaluable for that. The insights there made me scrap some of my former ideas and start anew.