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74 wrote:
Sled thanks for the pics, of course we want to see your targets once you have it dialed in. A video hitting tanerite at 1000 would be fun to see!

Better have a much closer camera, or a TON of Tannerite!!! :D

Nice Weapon, is that the 82?

This is a Noreen ULR. They are out of Montana and REALLY nice guys to talk to on the phone. The day before I spoke with them, they had shut down the entire company so that everyone could go out shooting. Targets were pumpkins filled with tannerite at 1000 yards. Their long range days include shooting exploding pumpkins at 2k yards or milk jugs filled with tannerite at 2k.

Just ordered my reloading press and such yesterday for the big 50. Hope to have everything mounted and usable by next week. Of course I then have to find money for components…. /sigh