Toby C
Toby C

Great post. Thank you for sharing. Quick questions if I may? As the available money becomes restricted do you see:

a) Is price ‘gouging’ happening yet? Increasing prices for essential items with no justification?
b) It seems there has been a degree of ‘trade’ and alternate currency options developed in some areas of Greece already, are these type options now being adopted in larger areas?
c) On many threads I read ‘access to medications’ seems to crop up as an issue very often. Is there a shortage of medication, or is it the fact it’s there but unaffordable too many?

I hope your preparations are well under way and sufficient too see you through these tough times. One of my wife’s co-workers flew back to Greece yesterday to assist family members their. It was very interesting talking to him before he left, there is a clear and understandable concern from many about the deteriorating situation!

Stay safe!