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Greetings to all and thank you so much for the warm welcome. First things first, I am so impressed by the excellent pieces of advice and information in the site. Selco’s Blog is probably the best of its kind (I’ve never seen anything like it and as truly grounded in reason, practicality and true insight from surviving in hellish situations). I read several forum posts by other members and to be honest, I was truly impressed. It seems that even when there are differences of opinion, there’s mutual respect and tolerance and I respect that. Overall, that was the moment when I decided to join the community here. This site is exceptional, thanks to Selco, Jay and every member who contributes to make it so. I am sure that I will learn much being here. Thank you for welcoming me into the site. Looking forward to conversing with all of you.

Leopard, glad you liked the quote. It comes through experience, unfortunately. At times I cared for people with mental health problems and a couple of those were veterans from the Gulf. Also, from own insight on how a person becomes “paralysed” when the mind cannot adapt to the harsh reality through fear or other things.

MountainBiker, Roadracer, sledjockey and Malgus, I will be setting up a “News from Greece” thread as soon as possible. Looking forward to sharing what I experience. I will try to do so in a regular basis so that you have updates almost daily, for as long as it remains possible (unless there’s power outage or something like that).

Malgus, the name chosen is related to the ability to adapt through changing form, more even than a chameleon. It inspired me enough to choose it – I have much to learn and I consider myself simply a “beginner”. So the name is strong, but my own abilities are miles behind in comparison. As for home, well…I have no home. (I live in a house, yes, but not “home” as you mean it). The only thing that comes close to it is like-minded friends who you can count on when SHTF. That’s home for me. Everything else, so far, ended up disappointing me. I have lived in the UK for 9 years, and travelled to some European countries but lived the rest of my life in Greece. Yet, unfortunately, home was nowhere to be found “out there”. Perhaps it’s an inner landscape; one day I will have to walk the path to the end to reach it. But until that time comes, l am looking forward to speak with you all.