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Greetings. I currently live in Greece so I would be happy to contribute with regards to what is happening here. Sometimes I noticed certain things omitted by news coverage in TV channels and there are various reasons for such omissions. In any case, people are fairly stressed but try not to show it too much as they maintain hopes of something worked out that would lessen their misery in the future. Unfortunately, whatever the result of the referendum, no easy-fix solutions exist; it is bound to get worse in the near future as resources and funds will be stretched to the limit. Some people in Greece argue that one scenario is bad and the other is even worse (depending on who you listen to). But from what I see, many people are disillusioned as they slowly wake up from decades of slumber and inactivity, passively allowing politicians to drag the country to financial ruin. They seem aware now of where political greed and corruption led them. I don’t know whether it is too late to avert the worst; for sure it is a SHTF scenario, but perhaps worse things can still be averted. Since people are interested in the topic, I could post more from what I experience.