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Meow wrote:

I believe that the article in question was posted over 24 hours ago, and that no new star has appeared.

Actually, no new star was predicted to appear. And the event is tonight (currently visible in the eastern United States as I’m typing this), not last night. Jupiter and Venus (the two brightest objects in the night sky except for the moon) have finally completed their convergence in the sky. Some news stories reported that tonight they would appear almost as a double star. It’s rather cool to see actually, but not nearly as close as the “double star” effect some have claimed it would look like. And Venus is FAR brighter than Jupiter, with distance clearly visible between them. (As my neighbor commented, “kind of underwhelming after the stories I saw about it.”) That’s all that was being talked about – no miraculous appearance of anything that wasn’t there last night, or the night before – they were just farther apart then (as they will become again after tonight). The rest is speculation in terms of what it means.