Good advice about dressing game birds or even chickens. Just a slight addition to what you stated, I use to bring the water up to about 125 degrees and add a couple tablespoons of dish washing soap. This works especially well for waterfowl because it also cuts through all the oils in the feathers, and the heat loosens the skin pores and the feathers just slide right out. Make sure to soak the bird well. Don’t over heat it. Of course, if you’re only going to skin it anyway then this is a moot point. But some people like the skin left on so thought I would mention it.

Good suggestion on being careful with rabbits. Also, make sure you cook them thoroughly to kill any other bacteria that may be present. When we lived in Idaho, we use to shoot and eat Jackrabbits all the time. Real good eating, but must be cooked thoroughly. So if you live where there are Jackrabbits don’t overlook that possibility for meat.