Malgus, I hope you have been looking at L. Francis Herreshoff’s Rozinante design. Probably the sweetest litle canoe yawl ever conceived. They’re to small for long term living and cruising for my tastes though. As a weekender and daysailer a Rozinante would be hard to beat. They are so pretty in the water.

Not trying to cause any trouble here but a yawl can’t be a schooner rig.

Yeah, it would require two masts. The rear taller than the front.

I’m not an expert by any stretch – I just know what I like and I’m pretty good at woodworking. Good enough to build one (if I can ever get the knack of lofting down) – but why can’t a yawl be constructed with two masts and schooner rigged, and still be considered a yawl?

I thought the yawl designation was more based on the hull shape – long, narrow, sharp fore and aft, centerboard or fixed keel, etc – and not based on how she’s rigged? The viking longships were technically canoe yawls, just really, really big ones.

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