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I will plant this week and fortunately the forecast has some rain coming being I really don’t want to be hauling water out there. I’ll water using buckets from the pond but would prefer Mother Nature take care of the watering for me.

I just did my good deed for the day. Nobody had mowed the Scout House property yet this year so I did it and then weed whacked which it doesn’t seem anyone did last year. This is an old one room schoolhouse across the way from me that was still in use until about 1970. I heard that due to lack of boys the scout troop has gone inactive after however many decades. Sad, but each year there are fewer kids around here and the scouts have to compete with so many other activities that are available these days. A church organization actually owns the property it is on but I’m not sure whether the church or the Town owns the actual building. The church burned long ago and was never rebuilt but legally an organization still exists on paper at least. If now that nobody is using it the grounds reverted to a field, a simple brush fire could easily burn down an old dried out wooden structure like that. In addition to the historical preservation aspect of it, under some SHTF scenarios, maybe it could be deployed as a school house. So, I’ll mow it until the Boy Scouts or whoever start to use it again they take care of the property. Fortunately a few years ago the Boy Scouts replaced the wood posts supporting the belfry which was in danger of collapsing at the time. The architectural integrity would be greatly diminished without it.