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mb try a university near you with horticulture they will have ties to non grafted tree places as part of the educational process.

you should get min 2 of each of the blue berry so they cross breed/ pollinate due to different ripe times.

i use raspberry and the thorns as a food and barrier plant. you may also want to look for goji berries or wolf berries they grow into trees but are very tasty and are for -30 weather. i will try first ones this year.

i have black berry bushes in the swales on my property as they dont mind run off and well it takes a brave person to go into a blackberry bush without making alot of noise. the little wild life loves it ( rabbits grouse quail ect) you can seed the area with other deterrents and in one year the black berry will grow through it but then it becomes impassible by anything other than a very big vehicle,

you can also wrap the trees with geo textile (black cloth) helps them survive super cold way south of me they use it to keep palm trees alive through minus weather.

if you have room you can always use a http://www.treehugger.com/green-architecture/build-underground-greenhouse-garden-year-round.html for your warmer needs plants .. super cheap you can make in a day if you have equipment.

you have to pre order but if you need a lot of plants get bare root kinds they are very cheap and healthy the way commercial producers get them. you can get 7 year old 3 m trees for $70 each non dwarf .$1 a cane of raspberry. $3 a blue berry bush. you would have to order in summer to get by next year unless you luck out and find some this late.