In my case, those involved are either out of the business and never to return or being actively investigated so telling stories out of church would do nothing but harm at this point.

Just like regular cases, investigating many of these ‘crimes’ doesn’t happen overnight and rushing them can tank the entire case before it gets serious.

Rushing to trial, you miss critical information and make mistakes.
Much like the 6 Baltimore officers and the charges against them, there are a number of mistakes already that threaten to tank the case and we’ll get to watch Baltimore burn.

The old saying, take your time and do it right or do it again.
Unfortunately, there is no doing this again. We are talking about lives, careers ruined, all to appease those who cannot be appeased, a lynch mob.

At this point it doesn’t matter if they’re innocent, unless they’re found guilty Baltimore and more will burn their own homes down in protest.
And even then, that will not appease them.