I bought 50lbs of seed potatoes today. The average yield is 12-13lbs per 1lb of seed. I have no idea what the garden will produce because it’s the first year for it. But I’m hoping for about 500lbs of potatoes.


I bought 15 pounds of seed potatoes just to run as an experiment.

Today I watered them and HOLY MOLEY! They’re already popping up! No way!

To answer your question re: N, we got the soil sample results back from the County Extension. Lime is fine, N is fine, phosphorus… all fine. Matter of fact, the lady at the extension said they were some of the best samples they have seen. I guess leaving the land fallow for a couple years did the trick – and letting animals poo on it, etc.

The trees, we burned today. I talked with the place that sold them to me – Trees of Antiquity – and they said to mix latex paint and water 50/50 and paint the trunks with that. They said that most times, the young trees get sunburned and the bark weakens. The bugs sense the weakened bark and go after the tree. Sooooo, guess what we’re doing tomorrow? Also spraying for insects before painting them…

Got all the dead trees replaced, except one. Believe it or not, it actually put up some leaves over the last 48 hours, but I’d still rather replace him with a bigger, stronger tree. He got beat up pretty good, so we’re gonna transplant him into a really big clay pot and dote on him, letting him get bigger and stronger before we put him back out with his buddies… the almond trees are just EXPLODING! Seriously! Who woulda thunk it! Never seen the like. My wife’s plum trees are getting seriously big… they were downright puny when we first planted them… but now? Hoo…

Apple trees are taking off as well… they’ve actually been passed by the plum trees insofar as size is concerned, but they’re kicking butt as well…

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