@ Freedom,

If the vast majority of cops were “good” cops, then why all the lawsuits and moreover, why are the rules set up specifically – at a minimum – to give them extra protections, special dispensation that rank-and-file citizens do not enjoy and – at a maximum – to give them a free pass?

If they’re “good” cops, there would not be a need for such things in the first place.

Giving them a free pass, special dispensation, extra protections, etc, only encourages bad behavior and a “I AM the law!” (and can do anything and get away with it) thinking. Cops are taught how to lie effectively and permitted, even encouraged, to lie to suspects. Yet, we assume they’ll tell the truth when on the stand? Cops are automatically thought to be the “good guy” and will tell the truth the moment they walk into a court room… which automatically paints the defendant as a lying piece of crap bad guy.

It’s just smoke being blown up your hindquarters… a massive PR campaign that dates all the way back to the days of that crossdressing freak J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI was “new” back in the 30’s and Americans were – and still should be – highly suspicious of “National” cops working solely for the Feds. So, the government got with the movie-makers in Hollywood – and back then, everyone went to the movies… it was the “TV” of the day – as well as those who made the old Radio Shows, and had them make multitudes of movies that painted the G-Men as white knights fighting against the forces of darkness and evil…

It was a brilliant PR campaign. And the vast majority of Americans bought off on it. Today, the PR campaign is Patriotism = supporting cops = good American. That cops have some uber-dangerous job “protecting us”, when in fact their job doesn’t even crack the top 10 most dangerous jobs, SCOTUS has ruled they have no duty to protect YOU – just society at large, and even then at their discretion – and that “protecting” someone requires them to be PRO-active, not RE-active.. which is what cops are. That “Officer Safety” trumps the safety and well-being of the citizenry…

It’s all a bunch of green sh*^. Hogwash. Propaganda reinforced by television shows like “Law & Order”, “Cops”, etc, etc… I only watch such shows to count the number of times the Constitution is trampled… and if that were a drinking game, I’d need a liver transplant by now.

“Hey, we need a warrant to go in there!”
“You want to catch those EVIL TURR-RISTS or not?! I’m going in!”

And people get used to cops trampling the Constitution in the name of patriotism, “getting the bad guy at any cost”, saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety, TURR-ISMS!, or whatever the sheep believe at the time.

Statistically, you are way more likely to be shot dead by a cop than killed by any TURR-RIST! the ragheads throw our way… last year, cops shot and killed – in one year – more people than were shot and killed by cops in England over the last century.

That’s just obscene.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1