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A piece of this that hasn’t been brought up is the legislative and administrative branches of govt. creating myriads of additional laws year after year. A single action seems to yield multiple laws that have been broken so that there surely will be something that the person can be found guilty of. I imagine most of us are breaking one law or another every day without even realizing it. I sometimes think the legal industry pushes this so as to ensure full employment for lawyers. Another aspect to this is that the public seems to demand more laws every time something bad happens, often yielding cures that are worse than the problem. Additionally, the way new laws are written often encompasses far more than the specific problem that was being addressed. Sometimes laws are written to solve imaginary problems. If gun laws are needed to reduce crime, how is it that VT which has never had gun licensing and which has only very minimal gun laws has the lowest violent crime rate in the nation? Shouldn’t we instead have gun battles raging on our streets for lack of such laws? In Massachusetts we could only burn brush in a very short time window each year so as to reduce the risk of brush fires starting. Cross the border into VT and we can burn year round (except for red flag days), yet fires aren’t any more of a problem here than in MA. Laws that solve imaginary problems. You might think this last example is ridiculous but I offer it up because I doubt many would ever dare question why such laws exist where they live. In VT public nudity is legal, unless a town specifically bans it, which few have done. Guess what? You can drive around all day long and you are not going to see a single naked person. It’s not against the law here because there isn’t actually a problem. Note that lewdness is illegal and will get you arrested. Not having a law against nudity however means people can go skinny dipping in the summer without fear of being arrested. They can sunbath in their backyards or even go for a hike if they want and no SWAT team will descend upon them. People police themselves in this regard using common sense and no laws are needed. In which States was this a problem that laws were needed to stop it?

How many unnecessary laws do we have? More than the whole legal & criminal justice system would ever want to eliminate for sure.