I have suggestions. They’re workable fixes if we only possess the will to implement them.

1. Abolish all “Law Enforcement Bill of Rights”. Period. Cops should be held to the same standards as any citizen – for they ARE citizens, same as us. Shiny badges do not grant extra rights or special dispensation.

2. De-militarize the cops. They do not need armored vehicles, tanks, machine-guns, chemical weapons, etc.

3. ALL cops should be required to take Ethics classes, classes on the Constitution, Civics, etc. To be repeated periodically. And just because we don’t do something, doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.

(Example: German cops are highly respected professionals and they literally spend YEARS becoming a cop. Not some community college “Crim-Justice” degree, then a few months in the Academy and then you’re on the road. They do it the RIGHT way… they are the caretakers and protectors of their way of life, they take that seriously, but they also know they are not “superior” to the citizenry. There’s very little “us vs them” attitude.)

4. Hold cops accountable for their actions. No more “Thin Blue Line”. No more using the municipality as a piggy bank when they screw up. They screw up, then the individual officers should be liable.

5. Body cameras and cameras in the vehicles. Mandatory. More than we have now. And not accessible by the officer or his or her first line super. One of the things people are being told to do now is when you are cuffed and put in a vehicle, to lay down on the seat. Why? Because of the practice of “screening”. If you sit up, the cop will drive very fast, then slam on the brakes, which causes the person in the back seat to slam face-first into the screen separating the front seat from the back. Since you are handcuffed, you can’t stop from face-planting. Oops, sorry about that…

6. No more drop guns. Cop defenders and supporters will deny this all day, but everyone knows that cops have drop guns.

7. No more “touch” to the back of the vehicle. The origin of this was so that the officer could ‘prove’ that he dealt with the individual in the vehicle he pulled over. But cops realized that they could abuse this, like everything else. Rub some marijuana or coke residue on their hands, then touch the back of the car. “Oh, I smelled drugs coming from the car”. Drug dog alerts on the cop’s hand-touch, giving them probable cause to search the car without a warrant…

8. No more no-knock raids. No more blank warrants. No more SWATTING people for stuff like “suspicion of selling unpasteurized milk” or a card game or fill-in-the-blank… we used to laugh at backwards, banana-Republic or Communist countries that sent in their ninja-clad goons with face masks, etc, black-bagging people in the middle of the night. A coward and a thief will hide their face. The righteous man does not.

9. Abolish the (un) PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, the 1033 Program, etc.

Dude, if I finished this post and put everything into it I wanted, it would run way, way into overtime…. you’re on the right track with having state legislatures appoint Senators, like it’s supposed to be – (Congressmen are elected to represent the people. Senators are appointed to represent the States. The Feds have their own representation. Direct election of Senators has weakened the States and done nothing for the citizenry).

What needs to happen is the entire crime syndicate of the criminal justice system needs to be deconstructed, purged and then reassembled. No more “private, for-profit” prisons. No more “qualified immunity”. No more lots of things…

Do we have the will to do it? Probably not. Which means things will continue on, until they cannot.

And on that day, a great deal of blood will be spilled. And that is a damn shame.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1