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Tolik, where I live (Vermont) has never had any gun licensing at all. None. There are almost no gun laws in this State and our Constitution is more clearly worded in this regard than the US Constitution. It is only in recent years that a handful of other States have started following our lead and eliminating licensing. There are some restrictions of course. You have to be 16 to buy a gun. I believe in the other 49 States you still have to be either 18 or 21. Though you can’t buy a gun until age 16, you can possess a long gun at any age. You can possess handguns under age 16 with parental permission. VT is proof that there is a big difference between libertarian blue and socialist blue.

There is much more to living free than just gun rights though. The pace that the Southwest is on may get us to the point that non-Spanish speakers will become 2nd class citizens ineligible for public sector jobs and once the La Raza gang has control, see how many contracts non-Hispanic owned business get from the State. Just look at how it works in black majority cities. The demographic trend is not on the side of gringos in the Southwest.

My other concern is the arid conditions, worsening drought conditions, and depletion of aquifers at the same time as populations continue to rapidly increase. There is a future environmental carrying capacity crisis coming to the region at some point. Most economists would say I’m nuts for thinking it is a good thing our population up here is not growing. We have sufficient agriculture relative to our population which would be a good thing come SHTF.

Twice in my life I was sufficiently enchanted with Arizona that I thought I might want to live there, but I’m glad I took the path I did.