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I’m with 74 on this. If the injury occurred in the van, then it doesn’t seem that all of them could be found guilty of anything, unless they are collectively responsible for the prisoner being properly secured vs just the van driver being responsible for that.

I hope the city and mayor are sued for withholding a police response to the rioting but I think there had been a Supreme Court ruling that said police have no obligation to protect the public. I believe that came out of a suit where police failed to respond to a call for help. The city & mayor will surely hide behind that if they can. What they can’t hide however will be the publicity such suits generate. What they can’t stop are businesses refusing to rebuild and more whites moving out of the city.

I saw a video of a guy whose athletic shoe store was looted of about a million dollars worth of inventory. Apparently it was a very large place with its own warehouse. The looting went on for the entire night and the police refused to come. Even the one officer that did eventually come while the looting was still ongoing refused to take any action. This is a family owned business that was there for 3 generations. The owner said he recognized some of the looters caught on tape as his customers. With the Mayor dismissing looting as “just property”, my guess is the police will not file charges against anyone he identifies nor make any attempt to review the tapes. Even assuming this guy is in a position to rebuild, why should he after this experience?

I wish there were more mothers dragging their kids home like that one woman did. If I had ever came home with new shoes when there was looting going on, if I couldn’t produce a receipt showing I had bought it from the store, my mother would have dragged me down there to give the shoes back, apologize to the owner, and then made me help him clean up the mess. And then when I got home from that is when the real punishment would have begun. Of course I’d of never participated in such a thing because I knew from a very early age what the rules of proper conduct were.

The State’s Attorney that is filing charges looks to be a very biased person but in the end it will be a jury that makes the final decision. Her husband is one of the city councilman that has been very vocal about the rioters/looters only being misguided youth rather than thugs. You can bet the State’s Attorney, Mayor, and Police Chief don’t live in those neighborhoods.