Better to file a complaint or lawsuit afterwards if the cop was out of bounds. – MB

Couple caveats:

1) If you survive to file a complaint or lawsuit… dead men tell no tales, ya know. Something egregious enough happens and they can’t cover it up, you might just get offed. Only one story to tell then – theirs. And dead people don’t file lawsuits.

2) Let’s say that a lawsuit is filed (because complaints get round-filed). Let’s say you even have standing and it stands a chance of making it to trial. You know it will settle out of court. It always does. And who gets hosed? The cops? No. They go on paid vacations while the lawyers have at each other. And they go back to work once it gets settled. So, who gets hosed? Joe Taxpayer does. The city (or whatever municipality) gets to pay the settlement, which they will recoup via taxes or an increase in writing tickets for ‘violations’ – their usual method of milking the citizenry and taking their daily bread.

So, on one hand, yeah you might hit the Ghetto Lottery and settle for elebenty bahundred thousand dollars, but the Money Fairy doesn’t miracle that cash into existence. Everyone else gets to pay for it, except the cops responsible.

I would like to see individual cops be held responsible for their actions. Everyone always goes after the city, while the cops responsible are shielded from any wrongdoing. If cops started being held responsible as individuals, I’m pretty sure it would have an effect on the rest.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1