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I can’t speak to city police because I’ve never lived in a city but based on my suburban/small town/rural life experience I would say that the majority of police try to do the right thing. My problem is with good police that shield the bad ones from any accountability for their actions. In the video that started this conversation the Chief only held a press conference because there was a media frenzy over that incident. It was clear the matter would have been swept under the rug if that video hadn’t of survived the attempt to delete it, and most likely the cops involved won’t get more than a mild reprimand at the end of the investigation. If there are not any meaningful repercussions for the officers involved, those kids, their friends, family and neighbors will be forever distrustful of police because of what happened.

All that said, what you give ye shall receive. The odds of the police being respectful likely increase if you are respectful. The odds of the public being respectful likely increase if the police are respectful. Good manners can go a very long way. It may not be right but even if a cop is out of bounds, if you escalate the matter the cop in turn is going to escalate the matter and odds are you will be on the losing end of that interaction, possibly in a non-recoverable way. It is not a level playing field at the time of the encounter. Better to file a complaint or lawsuit afterwards if the cop was out of bounds.