Most times – at least east of the Mississippi, not sure about west of it – the Interstate parallels the old state routes.

Take I-75 for example. Most times, it’s less than one mile from old Highway 27. Sometimes, it IS Highway 27 in that they overlap. I’ve been stuck on I-75 before and literally looked over to the right – the only thing separating me from State Route 27 (which was literally right there – I could see it) was a puny 4 foot tall fence, held up by t-posts… and 27 was completely deserted. Not even a tractor or a kid on a bike. Soooo tempting to just throw it in 4WD, hook a right, barrel over the fence and just keep on going…

Boltcutters and other cutting instruments, yes. A big thumbs up for that.

But also remember that sometimes the Interstate borders someone’s property… and that someone might not take too kindly to you chopping a hole in the fence, allowing you and all of creation onto his property… most rural folks are armed. Some more than others.

And, if it’s SHTF and there’s no more Rule of Law, what’s to stop Farmer Brown from opening up on you all? I mean, other than his good graces? Look at it from his point of view – he knows that the SHTF and that his property borders the interstate. All of a sudden, here comes a howling mob over the hill on his back 40 in 4WD vehicles….

I was trying to get home from Mordor once – the District of Criminals – and I swear to the Almighty, there was a military vehicle that had flipped while carrying a load of missiles. Highway was shut down, period.

I had a detailed map of the area, but that didn’t help much. DC during the PM rush hour, and throw in a truckload of surface to air missiles laying in the road? Yeah… not so good.

Took me 6 hours to clear the area, just due to the sheer volume of as- “other drivers” on the road. Got to see some nice country though… civil war battlefields and such…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1