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You can get parkerized blades no need for crappy stainless for blades. SS does not hold an edge as well a good spring steel blade is much more resilient. you should only have 1 true knife with you rest of the blade should be part of other tools. make sure your main knife has at least a 3/16 thick full tang, less likely to bend or break when you abuse it.

only specialized small blade should be a scalpel or straight razor for field work. yes at home base you can have 20 blades not worth the weight unless going for special purpose.

you always need an axe. it is a tool and weapon. multi tool a good one full sized has as smaller knife saw and pliers good enough for most small jobs i have a bearded short haft axe that i use with a hammer end on it, i made it for me it has a handle made of braided wire with carbon fiber wrap to absorb the shock.. handle grip is of cross woven para cord and is sand gritted with ridges for grip if para coded is used. it also has an eye hook on bottom for looking cord through. with proper swing you can go through 4 -6 inch trees one swipe. It is throw able with deadly impact.

only 2 of the group carry shovels, i dont though they are useful.

the things two of the others do is have leather bracers with long throwing pins think 12 inch 3/8 thick sharpened stakes when they are in the bracer it can be used to block blade attack ( both are martial artists) and convenient storage of bladed items.

seen them kill a boar at 20 paces with a head shot with the throw stakes.

i would encourage all of you to learn how to make knives by simple method of grinding away excess material. Do it now while if you mess up you can make another. Start with leaf springs and grinder the biggest two things to worry about are dont over heat and get the cutting angles right. use a “guide block” to get angles right for blade. handles well you can make from anything from tape to fancy like antlers the handle while important is nothing compared to the blade.

leaf springs can be bought at local auto scrap yard for next to free i just got 300 lb of spring steel for less that $25.

If you need reason to get grinder… wife can always use a new sharp kitchen knife….