Its funny I was checking out another forum where some idiot was saying send in the Army.

What so few understand is that the .mil has no arrest powers, no training to handle criminals, no legal training, and what you’d get sending in the .mil is nothing short of a disaster. – Whirl

You are referring to Posse Comitatus. The PC is dead, thanks to PATRIOT ACT 1 and the NDAA. Under “normal” circumstances, the PC prevents Federal troops from acting in a law enforcement role.

That the Nasty Guard, which is equipped by the Federals, clothed by the Federals, given training by the Federals, supplied by the Federals, issued weapons and vehicles by the Federals and draws their paychecks from the Treasury Department are considered “state” troops is a joke.

Yet, people still believe that happy fiction. Why else would the Governors of our respective states and commonwealths petition so hard to have Reserve Special Forces groups reclassified as Nasty Guard? Answer: So they can deploy special operations troops against the citizenry without running afoul of the Posse Comitatus.

However, the (un)PATRIOT Act and the NDAA effectively gut the PC. Which means Governors – and the Federals themselves – can deploy who and what they want, when they want and how they want, simply by invoking the right legislation (legislation that was passed via EO under dark of night on Dec 31st, when there would be no opposition and little notice).

Not a standing army, but a bunch of heavily armed people running around in armored humvees, mraps, and more who have no repurcussions for their actions.

Oh, like cops ever face “repercussions” for their actions? Yeah, there might be a dog and pony show “investigation”… maybe even a “trial” (snicker) if there’s enough public and media outrage, complete with a paid vacation for the cop-in-question. But honestly – how many face real jail time for their egregious actions?

And, given that the army has been prosecuting soldiers for their actions over in Sandland – a war zone – what do you think will happen here? I don’t think there’s much credibility to your statement.

People complain about middle age donut chompers getting used , mil gear, what about young punks with the new stuff?

USED?!? Uh huh… know plenty of guys – including me – who saw the cops at Ferguson and wished we had that amount of gear, and gear of that quality. You make it sound like they’re getting ratty, beat to sh*t castoffs – not true. The Feds have the vehicles, etc, rebuilt (if not needed because it’s still new), then make the stuff available through the 1033 Program – just one program of three – then issue a grant to the department, which is then used to “buy” the equipment.

In point of fact, a police department that gains military grade equipment from the Federals is probably getting better quality gear than active duty line units. You see the cops wearing brand-new Gen III night vision, and contrast that with the Infantry puke over in Sandland who’s smacking the crap out of his PVS-7’s – trying to coax a bit more life out of them because the intensifier tubes are at the end of their useful lives.

And nothing to restrain them.

Soldiers should not have to worry about being “restrained”. They shouldn’t be deployed against the citizenry – EVER. So this shouldn’t ever be a concern. That’s the whole point of being a soldier – when things need destroying and people killed, you let them off the chain and they do the job they’re trained to do. The citizenry of These United States should not be on the list of people that need killing and stuff destroyed… at least not by the military.

The problem I have is that cops are not soldiers, but they like to think they are, they like playing dress-up in our stuff, drive around in our vehicles, call themselves “operators” (shyeah), when that’s the absolute LAST thing they should be doing…

Want to know how to end the riot without taking a life?

Deploy several teams, armed with scoped, bolt action rifles in .22 Mag or .22 long rifle. Identify the instigators of the riot, and then make the announcement that if the rioters do not desist and disperse, you’ll open fire.

If they try to call your bluff and don’t leave, shoot the instigators in the lung with a .22, then take them to the hospital to be patched up. The rest will get the message. Nobody has to die.

It’s that, or don’t prosecute the property owners when the bust out their hunting rifles and shotguns and deck the turds who are trying to burn down their house/business… immunity should be granted automatically to anyone defending their hearth/home/property during a riot.

Personally, I got no problems with Option #2. Let the scumbags know you’re going to do what you have to do to protect what’s yours.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1