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I understand that you have worked with many great cops in your time. It is very easy to see why you would defend the profession and the actions of cops. I am also sure that there are good cops out there that don’t violate people’s rights, treat all people as some sort of offender, or are actually on the job to try and do some sort of good. The numbers support your contention that not all cops are bad. I get that and agree that numerically, there have to be some good cops out there just as there have to be some bad cops out there…. Human nature and the numbers game.

Where I think people are fed up with cops is this: Cops are now Law Enforcement and not Peace Officers. The entire industry has changed. LE is now a revenue generating industry based upon the idea that all people are violators of some law at some time. When the average citizen is minding his own business and has not endangered anyone, why must LE now feel the need to taser/mace/beat that person to get them to “comply” with their mandates? There is no reason why people are routinely stopped and messed with if they are not doing anything. A few people that are holding illegal drugs might be snatched up, but the 100’s of other people that feel harassed due to being detained and forcefully treated like a criminal at gun point is not much more than highway robbery. There is no reason why the “common good” should allow this sort of treatment of the general population. This is what is known as a police state. Welcome to it and welcome to the hate because of it…..

If the entire industry changed back to a Peace Officer model with less militarization of their officers, those doing the job might end up with a bit more respect and cooperation from the public. Although it is a hard job that is normally quite thankless, the truth is quite simple: Cops hold the general population to an elated standard based upon all sorts of liberty infringing laws. Cops should then be held to a standard that disallows ANY mistakes. We are not allowed any so those on patrol shouldn’t be allowed any. One slip up by Joe Public can ruin their entire life. One slip up by a cop should be the end of theirs. It is only fair… That is just my opinion about the hypocrisy that is our government.