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Whirli our police have a tough job. This whole subject is like a powder keg and someone is smoking cigars and playing with gasoline right beside it. It is one of those catch 22 situations and there are good cops and bad cops, good citizens and bad. You see something like Baltimore and look at what the LEOs are up against and it is no wonder they are using MRAPs and are covered in full kit. I wouldn’t want to be in that situation with anything less. You have instigators fanning the flames of the slightest injustice. Everyone screams about how cops are acting and how they are becoming militarized. Are there copswho go too far. Yep. Are there thugs and criminals hiding behind lawyers and stupid laws. Yep. I can’t blame either group. Our biggest problem is the lawyers who have created this environment by getting guilty people off and getting stupid laws passed that give criminals more rights than victims. Cops wouldn’t need the gear they have now and would not get so frustrated if criminals were actually held responsible for their actions. Citizens wouldn’t get so mad and frustrated if bad cops were treated as such and held accountable for their actions to the fullest extent of the law and not protected by their buddies or have things swept under the rug. It is a hard pill to swallow but unless the law is equal on both sides anger will never cease and things will continue to escalate. The problem with law making now is it no longer protects people it takes responsibility away from people. It’s not your fault, you were mistreated when you were little so it’s ok. This type of thinking has ruined America. Unfortunately it won’t change until people stand up and hold people accountable, not cowering from the media and lawyers. This however will start a war.