Withnall the police bashing happening, its funny that some of the pictures coming out of Baltimore aren’t like so many expect.

The young kid handing water bottles to riot cops, the neighborhood residents standing in front of more riot police keeping the rioters from throwing rocks at the police, and more.

You don’t like cops, when you need help they still show up.
You disrespect cops, you need help they still show up.

How about we focus on the bad preppers?
There’s good and bad in all groups, LE included, sometimes its a mistake or an accident, sometimes intentional. But to criticize the entire group because of the few?
How would you like to be lumped in with “Tyler” the marauder off Doomsday Preppers? Or Melvin?

Some days I wonder why I make this stand, like a modern Don Quixote, but having worked with some great police officers, they don’t deserve to be cut down by people who don’t have a clue about the job but are perfectly willing to criticize how the job is done.