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In my recent trip to NC I met a black woman at breakfast at a hotel we stayed at. She was there with her son for a basketball tournament. I could tell she was not a wealthy woman and doing what she was doing required some sacrifice on her part. She told me she would rather be run ragged supporting her son’s sports activities and chasing after him to keep him focused than him being chased by the police. I don’t doubt but that if she lived in Baltimore that she’d want her kid in school and not on the street. Then again, she takes her responsibilities as a parent seriously.

My brother (who is not a prepper) that lives west of Baltimore told me years ago that the locals were prepared to stop the Baltimore gang from coming into their county should it ever come to that. Certain roads would be blockaded. Come SHTF when they’re done burning their neighborhoods, the rioters won’t be welcomed in anyone else’s.