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We definitely need to be bringing criminal charges against police when they brutalize civilians or otherwise violate their rights. Sometimes the police did nothing wrong such as was proven in Ferguson, but sometimes they are the criminals such as it appears to be the case in Baltimore.

What I don’t get is why the inner city blacks still haven’t learned that when they riot, burn, and loot that they make their situation worse. On the news this morning there was someone from the NAACP who said just that. Baltimore never fully recovered from the riots in the 1960’s and now they have again affirmed to any business that might locate there that this is what they can expect at some point in the future, and perhaps even worse as we saw in Ferguson and now again in Baltimore, that the police will take no action to stop the burning and looting. Last night I watched a news clip where the reporter was interviewing a Baltimore Councilman and the Councilman was saying they had asked the police to stand back so that the black community could calm the rioters themselves. Adjacent to where that interview was taking place, there was a liquor store being looted in plain sight of the police and yet nothing was being done to stop it, and the Councilman was perturbed that the reporter was asking why not.

Brulen is correct that business insurance policies will not cover the losses from these riots. Such things are expressly excluded. CVS can suffer the loss of a couple stores, but most sole proprietors cannot. Many burned out or looted small businesses never come back. Similarly many building owners cannot afford to rebuild without insurance. Jobs and tax revenue are lost for many years, and yet this lesson doesn’t seem to ever be learned.

Roadracer, you couldn’t pay me to take a vacation in Baltimore after this. I’ve heard the Inner Harbor is really nice, but there are plenty of other really nice places to visit without having to worry about violent protesters possibly descending upon that spot when I’m there. I have a brother in Carroll County who commutes in to just outside the city every day but who never goes into Baltimore. He chose to live where he does so as to have some distance between his home and Baltimore.