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DAMN. You’re not pulling our leg are you??

No…. I am not kidding, pulling your leg, or making crap up. Most of the “conspiracy theory” crap, Alex Jones type crap, etc., are things that I take as more entertainment than anything else. Even though there is the occasional gem on Newmax or Infowars, I don’t buy into much of that type fear mongering. This, however, was one thing that I thought was completely pathetic on the part of our government to contract large orders of “Martial Law” signs.

Again, just to clarify, the kid that is going to be working on this order is not someone that could ever be thought of as political or have an agenda. He was talking to my son and laughing that he should make a couple extras to bring home. He then asked my son if he wanted a couple if he could get the ok to make a few extra to take. My son played it off and said, “sure” but came running to me and put his phone on speaker while he probed for as much information as he could get out of the kid.

Only answers the kid would give: Several thousand signs that say “Martial Law.” The contract is a federal one so he gets a higher pay rate while making these signs. He has not seen which department ordered them. The order just had the codes and purchase number that they use for federally contracted orders and he signed the paperwork he has to sign for the higher, federal contract wage.

The kid has been trying to get my son to work over at this company for a while so he had to call and brag about “how cool this order was” when it came in. I will see if my son can get him to take some pictures of the signs.