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Greece’s socialist profligacy is the cause of Greece’s financial problems, but unless Greece has some kind of clandestine control over the rest of Europe, the Western Hemisphere, Russia, Australia, and Asia, their default will only be the trigger to global collapse. No matter … something is going to trigger it anyway. The whole world (with the exception of the “Axis of Evil,” whoever they are, these days) has bought into the Global Ponzi Scheme, aka, Central Banking, wherein they all “borrow — at interest — BS “money”, ginned up out of nothing, which debts are unpayable, except through further “borrowing.” Forcing them all into a single global subservience to a unified rip-off would not solve the problem of poverty, contracted for in advance. Nor would it prevent wars, which are the tools by which the banksters “distribute” a fraction of the loot to their dictator minions and their suppliers.

Within such a House of Cards, the best a frugal and productive nation can manage to do, is to push its “debt,” disproportionately onto other nations. Sure, “smelling like a rose”, in such a zero sum game, is better than the alternative, but it requires beggaring the neighbors, to set up the next war.

Lending real money at interest has been called, “usury.” The lending of real money, actual value, at interest, is a way to make economies grow. Without it, technological and economic progress would be incredibly slow. But the “lending” — at interest — of “money,” made from BS and privilege, is surely usury. It’s “unequal weights and unequal measures” writ large, as the false economic basis of a nation, both said to be “an abomination to the LORD.” That ought to offend the non-believer as well as the believer, as it must eventually bring down any nation that attempts to live by it.

Cry, "Treason!"