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What would “hitting the reset button” mean for Greece or for the USA? Repudiation of debt, right? But when a nation reneges on its debt, to those who bought it in good faith, it becomes a thief.

Any nation could, in good conscience, repudiate the “debt” it incurs by borrowing BS “money” from its Central Bank. Such “money” consists of mere bookkeeping entries because the “Central Bank” is merely some group of banksters favored by some previous regime with the privilege (private law) of issuing the nation’s currency by loaning it, at interest, to the government. As the only issuers of the only medium which is allowed to be used to pay government debt, such loans are as inherently unrepayable, as they are inherently bogus. What such government “borrowed,” (at interest) in effect, was its own foolishly-given permission to be ripped off, in other words, zilch.

Such a government could recover its sanity and say, “What you lent us was nothing, so you are paid.” Telling the Central Bank to pound sand would still leave the repayment of honest purchasers of debt, and such a process would take years, if not generations. But since the banksters, crooks, but not fools, make sure that a small portion of the profits from the scam find their ways into the pockets of the regime, no government is ever likely to regain its good sense, from within. Its Citizens must regain their good sense, and tell their “leaders” what to do. When do you think that’ll happen?

Cry, "Treason!"