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Yes good advice. I sometimes cringe when I see people creating an adversarial relationship with neighbors over stupid stuff. It could come back to bite them when the SHTF. They don’t have to become your best friend but it is in your interest to at least get along with them. Similarly don’t become a thorn in the side of town officials over stupid stuff. Not every battle is worth fighting and sometimes winning a battle can cause you to lose the war. I have a neighbor a couple houses up the road who objected to my son and I doing target practice in the backyard. Where we were doing it had an open field down to her place without a noise buffer and she said it was scaring her horses. So we stopped doing it. One of these days I will build a target shooting spot back in the woods but until then I can go to the club I belong to. It’s my right to shoot on my own property but its not worth ticking off that neighbor.

Small gestures can go a long way too. Something I do whenever I make bread (excellent artisan level bread if I do say so myself) is I make an extra loaf and give it to someone, often people I only casually know.

I have 4 immediate neighbors. Three we’re very friendly with. The 4th we were too but the husband died and some white trash quasi-relatives saw an opportunity to loot the elderly widow’s estate. There isn’t anything any of us can do about it. The widow is of sound mind. The wife who embezzled from a former employer was 1st to arrive to care for the widow and when it was just her living there I’d shovel the ramp from the house and in front of the garage in case she needed to get the woman out of the house before she had a chance to shovel herself. Just thinking in terms of the widow’s safety is all. Then after the unwed unemployed daughter & her kids arrived, the druggie unemployed son, and the husband moved in too I stopped but I make sure to wave and say hello even if I want nothing to do with them. When the daughter got married on the property I checked what time it would be so as to make sure I was done mowing my lawn so as to not disturb the event with lawnmower noise. Not that I wish the widow ill, but I hope that clan is gone before SHTF, but if they’re not I’ve maintained a cordial relationship. They may drain the widow’s assets but they can’t get the house itself, so the white trash neighbors will be gone eventually. The real relatives that actually own the place are great and the rest of the neighbors look forward to them moving here. The actual owners want nothing to do with the white trash looters and so once they’re gone they’ll be gone for good. Until then I will get along with them from a cordial distance.