Keeping things alive
This morning I’ve realised that part of slowing down takes up a lot of time.
Not being able to flip the switch for light means putting solar panels out into the sun in the morning. Being lazy and not doing it means the battery life with be shorter or no light if the sun would hide behind clouds for a day or two. Leaving it outside means it might be gone in the moring.
Every now and then the spare mobile phones need to charge. All the two way radio’s where charged yesterday. Might be using it soon when the power goes. Between vehicles trying to leave the city… hope that does not happen. One should not keep charging it after it is full. Lots of stuff to be charged. Stun guns, flask lights.
Keeping the plants alive in winter takes time too. Need to give them water and covered for animals like to live heathy too. I even use bird cages covered with hemp material to keep them warm. It is windy today and to keep the house warm the firewood need to be close by. Our houses made of brick but the window’s glass really thin. We dress warm instead of using underfloor heating. I was very surprised the first time I visit Europe to find buildings inside so warm and cosy while it was being freezing cold outside. Keeping the fire alive in the beginning , while being busy. ..
With the fireplace running it is quicker to cook a meal or bake bread, but sometimes you need to wait for the coals to be ready. Then wait for the Cob oven… wait for the dough to rise in the winter sun.
Needle work being done my hand ! Ouch Keeping the chicken cage clean and animals happy. This animal lover will be sad soon.
Then keeping your family alive. Waking up at night listening takes some amount off workday energy. The last person being killed on Thursday, was simply not aware he was walking into a robbery in progress. About 5 km from my house. Stay alert, stay alive.