It is important what both your partner and the neighbors think.

Yes even the neighbors.
They will be the first ones you have contact with, will likely trade with (Mrs Capone can Al spare a cup of bullets?) and will be watching your place while you watch theirs.

and if I’ve torqued them off with my therapeutic rooster crowing at all hours, it may not play out like I would want.

And while I may like to till up the front yard and put in a garden, it hardly makes sense to devalue our home as well as theirs. Don’t make enemies where they don’t exist.

As to the significant other, if they are rolling their eyes at you, maybe its time to slow down and start sipping your tea rather than gulping it down.

My wife, not a prepper per se.
But putting food back when its cheap, meat in the freezer by hunting, that’s all good. Heck she spent $2500 on camping gear recently, sure its glamping gear but I also appreciate a hot shower and cooked food without ashes in it.

A lot comes from what direction you take, what stimulus. Economic colapse? Nutter.
Putting a couple months payments back against emergencies or job loss, good thinking.
Snowbound for a week or more? Common around here.
Putting enough back to not have to hit the grocery but every couple weeks, good planning.
Making a war-wagon? Nut case.
Upgrading the truck to better pull a trailer and installing a deer guard to prevent damage? Good thinking.

Appearances do mean something, you don’t fit, you attract attention.