Reviews of that flashlight are mostly negative. Fairly fragile and cheaper flashlights throw more light farther. One guy said his old Redline flashlight throws 300 lumens, or thereabouts, and it totally kicks that other flashlight’s butt…

I’ve got an old Surefire 9Z. Beat to crap, but still chugging along. I’ve replaced the bulb twice, but so what? It’s worth it. Since I’ve owned it, it actually set fire to clothing (I left it turned on and in it’s holster – who knew it was a alternative source of creating fire?) and stopped a german shepard from charging (temporarily blinding it by shining the light in its eyes – it couldn’t see me, stopped and then backed off).

And my old Surefire is a 15+ year old beater. The newer Surefires totally kick its butt with regards to power output and longevity… they’re tough as nails, too. Don’t know how many times I’ve dropped it, kicked it, bashed it against stuff accidentally… still going.

You want a good light, get a surefire.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1