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I won’t repeat my rant of the other day about the demands of social justice warriors for more and more from those who produce the most, but the big economic picture that dorette paints for SA is what we see in the US and in Europe too, albeit on a smaller scale. One of the reasons I retired at 60 was I was burnt out from working 50 – 60 hours a week for decades and then endlessly hearing the message from the social justice warriors that people like me were the bad guys. Somehow I was supposed to gladly hand over an even larger share of my earnings to people who never made any sacrifices to better themselves. People who sat on their duffs all day while I worked and I’m supposed to agree that’s what is fair and just? I figured if I have enough to carry me into retirement why should I keep feeding the beast that perpetually wants more. Coming back to SA, entrepreneurs aren’t going to take the risks in SA if they can’t be assured that their property rights will be protected. The ANC can do many things against the people of SA but they can’t force the producers to produce or the investors to invest.