The concept of the NDR was developed by Soviet strategists in the late 1950’s. In 1950 the Communist Party basically said that white South Africa was effectively an imperialist state and black South Africa was its colony. This implied that the wealth of white South Africans had nothing to do with enterprise, skill or technological advantage but derived solely from the exploitation and impoverishment of Black South Africans. According to these Soviet theorists, South Africa had particular potential to “shorten” the stage of the NDR and move swiftly to socialism. – dorette

Typical Gramscian socialist theory applied to memetic/ideological warfare against the West.

We have a version of that over here as well… that bilge has been around since Stalin was alive… the old saw that white people have what they do not because they sacrificed and worked their butts off for it, but because they exploited blacks…

It’s a load of green shyte, but you’d be surprised how many people fall for it. Like I said elsewhere, jealousy and envy are powerful emotions, and people who would never work and sacrifice to get what you have are more than happy to make an effort to take your stuff because someone blamed you… just more ‘victimhood’ garbage. If you paint a class of people as “victims”, then nothing that happens to them is ever their fault. Which removes personal responsibility from the equation… which lets all the “victims” off the hook.

It’s a seductive ideology – you’re not a failure because you’re a failure… you’re a failure because THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE made you a failure (however that’s supposed to work), or “The Devil made me do it!”…

It appeals to the basest of human instincts… which says a great deal about the character of those who adopt such an ideology…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1