That would double the poundage. I wonder how they designed the pulleys?

Ya got me, brah…

I saw that thing and was like “WHOA!! I have GOT to build me one-a THEM!” If only to see how far the bolt… arrow… whatever… went. Could you imagine using modern bow tech applied to that design? You’d need a kevlar bowstring – or spectrex – so it wouldn’t break under the strain just to fire the thing.

Still, chunking a 6 foot arrow… or whatever… a freakin’ mile?!? It would have to come screaming in like a bolt from the Thundergod himself… I doubt any shield or armor would save you. Probably stapled guys right to the ground.

Just marching along and then “THONK!”
“Holy crap!! BOB!!!”
“Dude! What is that? Where did that even come from?!
“What is this? I don’t even” – THONK!!
“OHMYGAWD, STEVE!!!” Everyone hide! Take cover! It’s the apocalypse! Giant arrows falling from the sky!”

Most of the designs seem to use a double windlass to draw the bowstring back, which is predictable, since I doubt any one man could draw it back just using his hands. I’m more interested in the trigger mechanism and how it retained the string. Doesn’t seem like the old “falling block” would hold up too well, unless you modified it some…

This offers some insight…


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1