Those bows are pretty cool…

Was watching Hisree Channel and that one English guy was going on about the Chinese and how advanced their weaponry was. They had this bow that mounted on a parapet and was used for long range shooting at bad guys as they approached the defensive wall…

It was actually three bows laid out in crossbow configuration, but the last one was backwards. One bowstring connected them all, and it shot a humungous arrow or bolt… was supposed to be accurate to one mile. Of course, “accurate” could mean “Hey! I hit their army!”….

HAH!!! Found it! The triple bow siege crossbow. The ones the Chinese made were truly huge, which accounts for their great power and range… always thought it would be cool to reproduce something like this, but with modern tech. Just to see how far away you can hit something reliably…

[attachment file=”triplebowsiegecrossbow8.jpg”]

[attachment file=”sketch-crossbow.jpg”]

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