The South African army during Apartheid fought a war on its borders against Russia and Cuba and the communist forces. The NDR or National Democratic Revolution: Most South Africans have little information or understanding about the ANC’s commitment to continuing a revolution. This helps explain how a supposedly limited form of affirmative action has quietly morphed into a complex set of employment equity, BEE and land reform rules that are cumulatively eroding business autonomy, undermining property rights, crippling public service effiency, choking off direct investment etc. These outcomes fly in the face of what BEE is intended to achieve, Empowerment policies that are suppose to put millions of black South Africans on the path to prosperity but instead their benefits have gone mainly to a relatively small black elite. Though BEE has helped to expand the black middle class, it has also fostered a toxic mix of inefficiency, waste and corruption that are causing great harm to 19 million very poor South Africans who depend on the state of schools, hospitals and other services. Hence BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) is harming rather than helping the great majority of black South Africans. The ANC has been committed to the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) since the 60’s and it is aimed at giving the ANC a hegemonic control over all levers of power including the judiciary, the press and civil society while ushering in a form of economic emancipation inconsistent with free market and private sector-led growth.

The concept of the NDR was developed by Soviet strategists in the late 1950’s. In 1950 the Communist Party basically said that white South Africa was effectively an imperialist state and black South Africa was its colony. This implied that the wealth of white South Africans had nothing to do with enterprise, skill or technological advantage but derived solely from the exploitation and impoverishment of Black South Africans. According to these Soviet theorists, South Africa had particular potential to “shorten” the stage of the NDR and move swiftly to socialism.

The defining features of the National Democratic Revolution are that it should lead to the elimination of colonial oppression and and its anti-capitalist tendency paving the way to a more socialist reconstruction. Even though communism has been shown to fail the ANC instead of updating its ideas is still remaining committed to pushing ahead with the national democratic revolution in South Africa. The ANC is remaining caught in this time warp. The SACP (Communist Party) has dominated the ANC for many years and both parties are staunch allies of Moscow. In addition, the 10 years before 1994 the ANC became deeply indebted to Moscow. Irina Filatova (Moscow born historian) has written extensively about this.

The NDR is supposed to liberate the black people from political and economic bondage. Marxist theory holds that no society can be a true democracy unless it becomes a socialist state. The ANC’s commitment to a continuing revolution aimed at socialist outcomes has enormous ramifications for the country. The practical implications of this stance for the constitutional settlement concluded pre 1994 is profound.

In 1995 Mbeki told an ANC conference that the negotiations for an interim constitution were “contrived elements of a transition” necessary to end white domination. At no time did the ANC consider them as “elements of permanence” – therefore the ANC at no time considered the constitution permanent. Our constitution had many provisions – guaranteeing property rights, multiparty democracy and fundamental civil liberties which inhibit the fulfillment of its revolutionary goals.

Since 2008 , the economic crisis in Europe and the United States it has been widely hailed as evidence of the collapse of the capitalist model. Many in the ANC and SACP are thus impatient to speed up the pace of the NDR but the constitution is hindering the process. Policies and strategies of the NDR would require elimination of property rights, control of land and equity rights and the redistribution of wealth and income to benefit society as a whole especially the poor.

As stated above none of this are being discussed in the controlled media. Anthea Jefferies a political analyst has been the only one to pick up on what the ANC is really doing. So the Russia’s influence is felt in the ANC’s policies and you can see where they want to take us. The general population is totally unaware of what is happening – whites thinking that the constitution will protect them and the blacks want change now. They have been promised land and properties and the way the white man lives. Everyone has been lied to because even if the ANC brings in these communist policies in it will collapse like it did in Russia. Communism is not going to give them the way the white man has prospered.

The ANC is fumbling and enriching themselves. They are totally inept and incompetent. But will they succeed in destroying this nation totally? I think they are well on their way.