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As fashionable as it is for Americans to bash the US and complain endlessly about our faults, Whirli is right, the rest of the world is still trying to come here for the freedoms and opportunities they can’t get back home. On the matter of losing freedoms, I agree in some regards given the excesses of regulators more and more trying to control how we live, but if you asked the majority of the population, those who aren’t healthy white heterosexual Christian men, they’d probably tell you they have more freedoms now than ever before. For example, I personally thought it was a good thing that my daughter could choose what career she wanted to pursue, something that just wasn’t an option for her grandmothers. A highly educated and successful black friend of mine, now deceased, thought it was a good thing he could go into any restaurant he wanted, versus when he was a young soldier in Virginia being told “we don’t serve…..”. An American soldier in uniform no less. Gay people like no longer having to fear being found out and fired simply because they’re gay. All in all, despite the current excesses of govt. regulation and heavy handedness, most Americans have more freedoms today than they did a generation or two ago. It may not be obvious to some of us because they’re freedoms we always had, but the Constitution was meant to apply to all of us, and now it does more than it ever did at any point in history. Nobody is going to feel more free going to Iran or Russia.