The black people in South Africa even during Apartheid had a higher income per capita than anywhere else in Africa. We had far more infrastructure and development than anywhere else and were the biggest economy in Africa. So when 1994 came the rest of Africa wanted to come to where the perceived opportunity for a better life was. The borders are basically open to anyone who can pay a bribe. My husband is currently doing work in Mozambique and when they go across the border they just pay R500-00 ($40) and they can cross with whatever tools and equipment and parts they need to do the work on the other side. It is expected to pay the bribe otherwise they’ll give you endless trouble.

With the xenophobia currently happening in South Africa where locals are attacking Nigerians, Somalians, Malawians, Zimbabweans and Mozambiquens etc. because they perceive them to take away there jobs. These people from other parts of Africa are far more entrepreneurial and open up shops in the townships. My feeling is that this is a nice excuse for them to steal their goods and blame it on jobs. These guys (shop owners) are creating their own employment and are mostly self-employed. The locals have been burning them, attacking them with pangas etc and they are now totally displaced and basically running for their lives. It started in Durban and has now spread to Johannesburg and other areas. It is actually quite horrific.

What this have caused is that the other countries are now retaliating and my husbands two technicians who are currently working in Mozambique have been told this morning to leave the site and go to their hotels and stay low. The South African vehicles have been attacked and burned on their way to the border post. So our guys cannot even come home. My husband is going to try and fly them out tomorrow morning if they can get to the airport safely. Zimbabwe has also called for South African businesses to be burned down in retaliation. Somalia and Malawi has decided to evacuate their citizens out of South Africa. It is looking like a war zone.

The Nigerians are known to be drug lords and a lot of these immigrants when they cannot find work do turn criminal. So this is a tough one but bottom line is that these people have been allowed to enter the country illegally through corrupt officials. A whole lot of them have been bribing Home Affairs officials and bought ID’s so that they can get a government grant and free medical. So once again it is bad governance really that has caused the problem.





I wish I could place photos here but I do not know how to copy it from FB. Some of these photos are horrific. People set alight, panga wounds etc. It really does look like a war zone. It is flaring up everywhere. I placed the last article to get you to understand the mentality we are dealing with. As you can see in the first video – the woman feels entitled to the fact that her children have to have jobs so that they can look after her. She said something to the effect that her job was to have children and now the Nigerians are taking the jobs away. The African culture is such that they have a lot of kids and then the kids have to look after them when they are old. This government is curtailing whites and pushing them down in order to get blacks in charge and running the economy. The effect is that nobody wants to invest in new projects or even grow their companies. The shrinking of the economy is creating less and less jobs. The blacks are not opening up their own businesses and they do not have the education to see the vast opportunities they have got as a black person in South Africa today. I would love to be black in this country today. I would become a multi millionaire.

I am very surprised that they have not turned on the whites yet!!! Very surprised in fact. It started with the colonial monuments and then escalated into xenophobia but on immigrant Africans so far no direct invasion on whites yet. The only deterrent most probably is the fact that they know the whites will shoot. So the picking off of whites one by one works better for them. A full on attack like what is happening with xenophobia won’t work with whites.

As you can see from the statistics in that last link – there is no way that this government can pay for all these people. Only around 3 million tax payers are paying for this government and grants and services to 17 million recipients. With 25 million more who would need work in the next 15 years at the rate they are multiplying + the education system that is in a total shambles. You are basically sitting with an uneducated criminal mob who will attack anything.

Can you now see why we have to get out of here??