Both sides are guilty of attacking. Yes, the borders to South Africa have been open for the last 20 years. With the result that people have been pouring into South Africa from the North and my guess would be that it will not even stop now. Only very small percentage has got work permits, nobody has got an idea how people is in Gauteng or South Africa. People being attacked can be in the country from one week to any amount of years.
We just know that at this point our country is becoming just like the rest of Africa. The tax, petrol, food prices are simply ‘killing’ families. The local (indigenes tribes) people are being pushed out of areas by other African nations that stick together. And we are running out of space and recourses.
It would have been a solution if we could help them improve their own countries where they come from. I think that with a bit of help, the skills they learned in South Africa would make a difference when they go back… (But sorry to say – white people are not always that welcome in Central Africa and up North)

We are again in the dog box. First for Apartheid and now for Anti Apartheid that lead to Xenophobia