I scored an 1871 NY Militia Remington Rolling block a few years back. Figured it’s about time for me to work up some loads for it. Picked up all the pertinent books for it –

– Cast Bullets for the BP Cartridge RIfle
– How-To’s for the BP Cartridge Rifle Shooter
– More How-To’s ” ” ” ” ”
– 50-70 Shooter’s Handbook
– Shooting the BP Cartridge Rifle
– Loading the BP Rifle Cartridge
– The Paper Jacket
– Casting Premium Bullets for the BP Cartridge Rifle
– BP, Pig Lead and Steel Silhouetes

So… I figure I got everything covered. Reloading for modern cartridges is one thing. Retro-engineering cartridges for a 145 year old rifle is quite another. Plenty of tricks, etc, have been lost over the years… plus, back when this rifle was made, we had dozens of brands of black powder, each with their own properties… now we have what? Two? Maybe three? So, I figure I’m gonna need all the info I can scrounge.

Plus, since the cartridge rifle was cutting edge “new” tech back then, they didn’t have a clue what they were doing… which means the spin on the rifling is all wrong. It’s perfect for a musket, but not for a cartridge rifle, so the range is rather limited because the projos don’t really get stabilized correctly…

Still, one of these days, Imma have to build up a Remington Roller in 50-90 Sharps… I know where to score complete actions, etc. And, just to troll the crap out of people after I die, Imma make it a carbine. Heh… with a steel buttplate. A checkered steel buttplate… :) Good luck with your brachial nerve, pard… call the first one Bonebreaker...

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