A number of years ago, on another website a gent was spouting off about this fema death camp, it happened to be nearby.

So I went there using his GPS coordinates.
Took a quick video of the “camp”, aka a wheat field in Kansas.
I included the GPS locking in the position then panned up and around 360 degrees.
No camp anywhere within 20 miles.
Not even a farm house.

His answer, either I was some Tory collaborator, or someone had reprogrammed all the GPS satellites.

Having been a part of several multi jurisdictional trainings,
I can say with some certainty, the imagined parameters used are just that.
You have to define a problem, identify the issues and such for realistic training. Be it muslim attackers, a multi car pile up or a homicide scene.

In this case, some idiot, probably voted democrat, chose the wrong “target” names. But unlike if the American Socialist Party were the target, conservatives don’t make the waves the libtards do in the media.