What a strange world I live in. If only our dear government could prevent the Nigerians from selling drugs, prevent the Mozambique’s from providing AK 47’s, can somehow prevent some Zimbabweans killing our farmers and robbing our shopping centres – maybe even the Zulu’s will be more loving towards them. If only our own Zulu’ and Xhosa’s can stop striking for a change and simply work… they would not lose their jobs to the foreigners that are willing to work for the white people. The foreigners also create their own businesses, something the black South African people are not so good at. The black South Africans will buy from them and support them and the very next day loot the shop and burn it to the ground. Just like the train if it arrives late.

The South African government has been given 48 hours to stop xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals and their shops or else their companies abroad will be shut down.