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Very informative articles dorette. I agree with the others that the one article about white militia training was definitely a hit piece that will be used against whites in the years to come. It is a very common tactic to neutralize threats to those in power.

On the 1st article dorette published about unconventional warfare vs “fighting fair”, it is the same reason that radical Islam continues to expand. The West agonizes over every collateral civilian casualty and practically apologizes for even suggesting that the Jihadis are Muslims while the Jihadis rape. pillage, and slaughter all in their path with no qualms about what the world might think. And thus far they are winning the war. They have the will to win. Thus far we don’t. Whether the white South Africans can sink to the level of the black South Africans in this looming war is a big question. How do civilized people become like their enemy in order to defeat their enemy?