74 is correct.

Complete hit piece.

Completely excoriating whites who are preparing to defend themselves while glossing over Mandela and his “rainbow nation” and ignoring reality because it doesn’t fit with the Official Narrative…

Whoever wrote that mess knows what’s coming and they’re smearing Afrikaners so that nobody will feel sorry for them once the slaughter begins…

Comments at the Daily Mail are telling… of course, they’re moderated – so the DM is controlling the narrative anyways – but the highest ranked comments are in defense of what these guys are doing. The opposing comments are also very telling – sort of “Yeah, now it’s payback. How’s it feel?” attitude, proving that the leftist scum are and were never about equality or “tolerance” or anything else they paid lip service to… hypocritical, self-righteous… okay, I won’t finish that last bit.

Not sure if it’s phony or not. Could be. But part of me wants it to be true – at least someone is preparing to fight back and refuses to get killed off quietly…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1