This letter was placed in a local prepping site this morning: Why Whites Would Lose A Fight Against Africans

The other day a friend of mine said that a fair fight is a fight where there are set rules and both parties abide by those rules, only then is it a fair fight. Fighting against Africans cannot be a fair fight, because they do not abide by the rules, which is why whites cannot win against them, unless they adapt themselves appropriately, which seems unlikely at this stage.

South Africa won a huge war against the combined forces of mighty Russia and communist Cuba, because it was a fair fight. the South African Defence Force had the superior motivation, determination, the superior strategy and equipment. Our men had superior training under the command of the best tacticians and experts in warfare. In a fair fight where it was strength measured against strength South Africa had to win against the strongest military forces in the World, because at the time South Africa was recognised as the third strongest military force on earth. There were numerous other factors of course, such the fact that we knew the terrain, our vehicles and equipment were developed and tested for the terrain and for the particular battle, we are the masters of guerilla warfare, and many other factors. The fact remains that it was a fair fight where the strongest, best adapted, best prepared and equipped WON!

The difference is that currently it is a completely different ball-game altogether. The SA Right-Wing easily talks of war, but they have not even studied their opponent, they do not understand their opponent and they think they are going to a gunfight governed by set rules that both parties would abide by, but they are being ignorant and foolish, because they have no idea what they would be up against.

The French and the Americans learned this lesson in Vietnam, because they thought they were entering a conventional war, a fair fight, where strength would be measured against strength, but the Vietnamese do not fight that way, they do not fight a fair fight. The Vietnamese caught them and held them in cages where they had the rats eat them alive. They caught them, kicked open ant-heaps and lay the American soldiers over those ant-heaps, then painted them with honey and let the ants eat them, slowly, while dying of thirst and hunger at the same time. They would chop down the bamboo, then tie the American soldiers down across those chopped down bamboo and allow the bamboo to grow through them, slowly killing them in the most inhumane ways, while the other soldiers in cages would watch their friends die. They would hang them upside down, bury them alive, chop them up with knives and let them scream themselves to death from sheer pain. That was not a fair fight, they could not win the fight, because the Americans did not expect what they confronted with. The Vietnamese broke their spirit, drove them mad and insane, they demotivated and demoralised them in the most atrocious, unthinkable of ways. The Vietnamese did not abide by the rules and they broke all the rules, they made their own rules, which rendered it an unfair fight. The Americans were not prepared for such a fight and were not able to fight the same fight, because they were not mentally or physically capable of such inhumane behaviour.

The Boers were winning the Anglo-Boer war, because it was a fair fight, a fight they could fight, that they were able to fight, and once again they were the inventors of guerilla warfare, a much superior approach particularly at the time. The Boers started losing when the British stopped abiding by the rules, which made it an unfair fight. The British started burning down their farms, killing their cattle, destroying their land and homes, burning them to death, rather than shooting them in a fair fight. The British then caught their wives and children, threw them into concentration camps where they murdered the women and children by starving them to death, letting them die from thirst and disease. The rules were no longer being equally applied and they broke the spirit of the Boers, the broke their morale and the Boers had to capitulate, because they could not win an unfair fight. They held the Boer soldiers to ransom and forced them into submission. That is why the Boers lost, because they were no longer fighting a fair fight. In a fair fight they would have won the British, but they could not stand-up to the inhumane strategies of the British.

The Whites of South Africa today may have the guts and they maybe willing to go to war, but they have it all wrong. They think they would be going up against a conventional enemy in a fair fight where the rules would apply as expected in conventional warfare. Unfortunately this is not the case and they would be killed like flies, unless they learn to understand and adapt accordingly to meet the requirements for this challenge.

At the Battle of Stalingrad the Russian army used civilians of all ages as cannon fodder, which drove the German soldiers crazy. The German soldiers forced to shoot civilian women and children armed with nothing but axes and spades. Those women and children, forced to the front-line by the Russian army, were understandably ferocious and unforgiving in their attacks on the German soldiers, because in their will to survive they fought with everything they had, in the hope of making it out alive. Being confronted by thousands of innocent, “unarmed” women and children literally drove many of the German soldiers mad and many of them committed suicide right there on the battle field, while others threw down their rifles and surrendered. It was an unfair fight, an unexpected unconventional approach for which the Germans were not prepared.
In Somalia the American soldiers lost their minds, because they were expecting to fight a fair fight, but they were confronted by 8, 10 and 12 year old uneducated black African children bearing AK47’s and the American soldiers could not bring themselves to shooting armed “children”, because it was against their morals, their values and their upbringing, it was against their very nature.

Africans do not abide by rules, they do not fight conventional warfare. In a fight whites would take a gun and shoot their enemy, but Africans do not, they surprise you in an ambush, they then tie you up, then they rape your wife and daughters many, many times over-and-over in-front of your eyes and then they slowly trample and kick and hit them to death, then they start stabbing them, over-and-over again-and-again then they rape and sodomise them again while they’re bleeding and screaming themselves to death, then they would string your beautiful young daughter up against a wall, by her feet and slit open her stomach and pull out her gut alive, then while they are dying they start hitting you with knob-kieries and sticks, then they would stone you then they would stab you and cut you open with knives, then they would rape you, sodomise you while you’re dying then they would chop you up alive with pangas and then if they feel like it they would shoot you in the knees and then in the hips after they had kicked you and jumped on you and then they leave you and your family to die a slow and horrible death. To round it off they would cut out your heart and liver, sometimes even while you’re alive and have it for dinner. This is not a fair fight, this is not a simple gunfight or one-on-one hand-to-hand combat. They are like pack-animals, they never come one-by-one, because they are too cowardly for that, they are a gutless breed that always come in numbers in packs like wild dogs, which is not a fair fight. They will break you, they will devour your soul, they will break your spirit. They would catch one of you, pull a tire over your shoulders, fill it with petrol and light you up so that all your soldier friends can watch you being burned to death and make sure everyone can and hear you screaming for help and pleading for mercy. They are not your standard proud conventional enemy, they do not have rules, while you do. They do not have remorse, while you do. They are inhumane and do not have a conscience, while you do. They are rapists by nature and you are not, They are cannibals by nature and you are not…… That is why the largely Christian convert white South Africans would lose it in a straight-forward fight against Africans. (I have pictures of what they did yesterday to two guys – one was burnt and the other was attacked by a panga and his whole back was cut open) – I would have posted it but it on my phone and I do not know how to transfer the photos)