Durban’s CBD became the focal point on Tuesday of clashes between police, foreigners and locals, with a car set alight, stun grenades and tear gas canisters being fired, and crowds taunting police…Five people have died since Friday, starting with two Ethiopians who were petrol bombed ….unconfirmed reports on social media that a Pakistani national had been shot, or had been set alight. As commuters headed home late in the afternoon, sirens wailed throughout the seaside city and a pall of smoke rose from the CBD.


Durban – Humanitarian aid group the Gift of the Givers worked late into Tuesday night in Durban to help move groups of foreign nationals to safety, after a tense day of stand-offs between police and local and foreign residents.

“We are fetching people as we speak,” Dr Abdirisack Hashi told News24.
“We are trying to rescue some families who say they are stuck in a house.”’
The families would join up to 7 000 people made up of “almost 10 different nations” living in tents provided by the KwaZulu-Natal government for those displaced by violence in the province, which Hashi claimed started on March 29.