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Tolik, good points all, thanks. What I wonder about is how many of those currently serving in our military really understand what their oath means, or how many have ever even heard of posse comitatus, not to mention what it means. All the Active duty and Veterans I speak with about this very topic all say pretty much the same thing, that being some will immediately balk at unlawful orders, while others, especially the newer ones who have never had a real education about our founding, will follow orders at first. Perhaps over time many of those will eventually start to question their orders and when that happens, the military will crack down hard on them to keep them in line.

I guess my position is that we are relying heavily on an unknown, that being how many Active duty and how many Veterans will stand up and refuse to accept unlawful orders. I pray the numbers will surprise us all in a positive way for God knows we cannot ever defeat the military in open combat.

The other unknown is how many illegals and gang bangers are there in the military. It is reasonable to conclude that most all of those will side with the government as they have no loyalty to the US or worse, they hate the US and are using the military to learn tactics and to have access to weapons when the SHTF.

All of this leads me back to Dr Vieira’s position that we must re-institute our Constitutional militia. Without doing this our odds of prevailing are significantly lowered.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!